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Based on the goldmine of information at the P2P Foundation on Open Design, adding the Open Source Technology Pattern Language, sprinkling in OSE Specifications, selecting products based on the Product Selection Metric, developed by the Open Product Development Cycle, funded by the Product Release Fund, founded on a Open Development Facility, produced by Community Supported Manufacturing, and produced in an Open Source Fab Lab and aimed at the Unplugged Lifestyle, we propose the Open Source Product Development Consortium.

Open Source Product Development Consortium

Mission: to open-source the entire economy, starting with essential products.

Product Line

Complex Products

  1. Open Source Tractor
  2. Open Source Car
  3. Solar Turbine
  4. High Performance Compressed Earth Block Press
  5. Community Supported Permaculture
  6. Open Source Fab Lab

Simple Products

  1. Heavy Hoes
  2. Jewelweed Soap