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Mastermind Intro

A Mastermind is a study/action group.

The Open Source Economy Mastermind is formed to address the last unreached frontier of human economies: distribution.

It is an initiative to collect supporting players for scaling open source product development for open source microfactories powered by repositories of open source design.


Outlines the situation:

  1. Analysis of shortcomings of the maker/fab lab/hackerspace movement in terms of creating the next paradigm of distributed production
  2. Analysis of opportunities along the lines of current economic trends - namely Fragmentation
  3. Proposition of the continuous-learning, open source green fab lab as the training/production solution


  • This document summarizes the values and outlines clear goals as a means to stakeholder alignment
  • It's an aspirational statement for what we are engaging


  • Collaboratively developed roadmap for getting there

Resource Map

  • Mapping all the resources that lead in the right direction, assessing them with the Open-o-Meter