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- A microcontroller and/or single board computer, and a servo/hydraulic controller in one single unit

- Used to control the robotic arm

- Can also control the end effector

- Does require a seperate power suppy module

- Also controls all communication for things such as control, and the feedback to a possible seperate control station/PC

Used For

- Open Source Robotic Arm Construction Set

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- DC power from an external power supply module

- AC power from the same external power supply module

- Low Cost

- Modular + Maintainable

- Scaleable

- Can either work on it's own, or be controled by a seperate PC program on a network

- Can be controlled by an internal program, USB Wired Control, Ethernet Wired Control, Wifi Wireless Control, Lifi Wireless Control, Bluetooth Wireless Control, Zigbee Wireless Control, and RC Control

Basic Design

Single Board PC

- ARM, CPU, FPGA, or some combination of these controlled

- Used for IO,communication + control of the more processing intensive tasks


- Arduino etc.

- Used for the more basic tasks + Contolling the Servos/Hydraulics

Servo Breakout Board

- Allows the Servos to be powered and controlled

Hydraulic/Pnumeatic Breakout Board

- Is essentilly a bunch of solenoid valves on a PCB

- Is used either for pnumeatic/hydraulic motor arms, or a Open Source Hydraulic Arm



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