Open Source Robotic Arm Wire Cut EDM Machine

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Used For

Industry Standrds

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

Basic Design


  • Holds all the below together


  • Controlls all components
  • Rasberry Pi + Arduino + Any neccissary sheilds?
  • Connects to IO Panel and any external controls (PC, Server, WWW, etc)

IO Panel

  • Touchscreen
  • Optional Mouse + Keyboard

Fluid Pump

  • Recirculats the dielectric fluid
  • Does this to promote circulation
  • Also provides pressure to debris clearing jets

Fluid Filter

  • Cleans Debris (Such as Metal Dust) Out of the Dielectric Fluid
  • Hydrocyclone + Standard Oil/Water Filter Cartridge
  • Should also include sensors before and after filtration to determine fluid + filter effectiveness

Work Surface

  • The Workpiece is attached to this

Fluid Bath

  • Allows the Work Surface and Work Piece to be submerged in dielectric fluid
  • Could be permanent or a slide up design

CNC Gantry

  • Holds and Moves the Toolpiece
  • Standard D3D Axis?

Robotic Arm

  • Attaches to CNC Gantry?
  • Holds Toolpiece Allowing For More DOF Than 3


  • A device resembling two fingers holding dental floss
  • Works with the power supply

Wire Feeder

  • A device with two wire spools (one for feeding new wire thru and one for receiving spent wire)
  • Also need to design/find the mechanism for shooting the string to the other side to remove the need for manual wire threading

Fluid Resevoir

  • Holds Spare Fluid
  • Also holds the contents of the fluid bath when not in use


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