Open Source Robotic Finishing Line

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- A combination of the tech of the Open Source Robotic Arm Construction Set, the Open Source Conveyor Belt Construction Set, and others

- Used for finishing the products from general purpose assembly lines (sandblasting, sanding, buffing, painting, etc.)

Used For

Automation of the painting etc. of the following:

- Open Source Landcraft Construction Set

- Open Source Watercraft Construction Set

- Open Source Aircraft Construction Set

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Modular

- As cheap and energy efficient as possible

- Safe for workers (both from danger (such as swinging robotic arms and moving conveyor belts), and long term health problems (such as hearing loss, ionizing radiation exposue etc. from motors, and welders+lasers respectively)

- General Purpose

Basic Design

Control Station


Main Power Supply


Auxilary Power Supply


Parts Conveyor Belt(s)


Main Assembly Conveyor Belt(s)


Sandblasting Robotic Arms


Random Orbital Sanding Robotic Arms


Buffing Robotic Arms


Spray Painting/Powder Coating Booth

- Has a seperate conveyor belt and a walled of (and a curtain/door maybe) room

- Is used to contain the Spray Painting and Powder Coating Robotic Arms

Spray Painting Robotic Arms


Powder Coating Robotic Arms




See Also


Useful Links

- Watch a lot of "How its Made" maybe?