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- Packages Refined Raw Materials (Such as 3D Printer Filament Spools, Sheet Metal, Metal Powder, etc), Parts (Screws, Bolts, PVC Pipe Fittings etc), Device Modules (Universal Axis' ,Roof Modules, Window Modules, Powercubes/Powercube Array Racks etc), and Full Devices (Universal Power Supplies, Charcoal Gassifiers, Bioreactors, MicroTracs, Lifetracs, CEB Presses, etc)

- Does so in an automated manner

- Either uses snack size/sandwich size/quart/gallon resealable bags, standard boxes, or intermodal containers depending on the size of what needs packaged

Used For

- Open Source Automated General Purpose Factory Mainly

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Fully Automated

- Human Observation/Monitoring Optional

- Optional Cloud Control

- Diverse Range of Sizes (Screws + Bolts (like a box of them at home depot) all the way to a CEB Press in a Intermodal Container for shipment to a customer

Basic Design

Conveyor Belt IN

- At least one for each size range

Packaging Sector

- Uses robotic arms to place in bags, boxes or intermodal containers

Conveyor Belt Out

- Leads from the "packaging sector" to the "intermediate storage sector"

Intermediate Storage Sector

- A small warehouse or loading dock

Brains Module

- Server + IO for In-Person Monitoring, or connection to a factory level device

Emergency Shutoff Station

- Multiple for saftey purposes

- Stops everything (conveyor belts, robotic arms etc)



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