Open Source Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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  • A small robotic vacuum cleaner that may not do a perfect job, but will keep floors tidy
  • Should include basic cyclonic filtration, hepa/ulpa flitration, intelligence (networked + room awareness)
  • Like this, this, or this
  • Main use is for getting large particles, can be done via:
    • a pusher method (like a broom and dustpan but rotary and automated (push user operated devices like this exist...m o d u l a r i t y)
    • a suction method (raises the issue of filtration, as the suction if unfiltered etc could blow more dust in the air
  • Should empty into an integrated dustbut, but preferabbly go to a docking station and empty it itno a larger "trashcan" or a wall port for a central vac
  • end system like this
  • cheap motors can work, 3d printed parts, cnc milled circuit, main limitation is tracking tech, unless a "dumb" bump based method is chosen.