Open Source Secondary Network Attached Storage Unit

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- Interprets a coaxial or fiber signal to a more usable signal (GBE usually)

- Is scaled for a home or vehicle level

- Also can contain a small version of a phone or radio server

- Creates a good lan as a backup or for things like file sharing and lan parties

Used For

- House/Vehicle/Remote Workshop Scale Networking

- Connecting to a cental+worlwide network while still retaining a good lan as well

Industry Standards

- Comcast Solutions

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Cheap

- Scalable

- Small Form Factor

- Easy to use/troubleshoot

- Reliable via redundancy and RAID

- All in one solution, while still modular

- 10-100tb or so of integrated storage

- Works with the Open Source Secondary Server

Basic Design

=Power Supply




Internet Switching


Drive Bay(s)

- Either Magnetic Disk, Optical Disk, SSD, or some combination of the above



See Also

- Open Source Secondary Server

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