Open Source Single-Board Computer

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- Part of the Open Source Computer Construction Set

- An open source basic computer that is contained all on one small pcb

- Differs from existing designs by being made using OSE Tools

Used For

- Very Cheap Computers

- Low Power Consumption Computers

Industry Standards

- Rasberryy Pi 3 Model B

- Axiom Board

Existing Open Source Designs

- Rasberryy Pi 3 Model B

- Parallella (Warning: not entirely opensource, so may be considered a merge or a rework based on open piton many core or other similar architectures)

Basic Design




- Epiphany E16G301 Not opensource as chip but open sourced as board (Parallella)

- Open piton multi core (In my mind should be merged with parallella project but i think there are lot of hardware incompatibility that need to be faced, not skilled enough to talk, just fantasizing, hope someone can deal with this kind of hardware (Adexmont))



Power Module




See Also


Useful Links

- Microcontroller vs System on a Chip Explained