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- A wankel or "rotary engine" (not to be confused with a piston engine that uses a rotary engine configuration)

- Instead of pistons this uses a spining rotor with valves placed around the rotor in certain locations

- It is has cycles in a manner similar to piston engine's cycles (unlike a jet engine)

- The following is from wikipedia:

Prime advantages of the Wankel engine are:

  • A far higher power to weight ratio than a piston engine
  • Approximately one third of the size of a piston engine of equivalent power output
  • Easier to package in small engine spaces than an equivalent piston engine
  • No reciprocating parts
  • Able to reach higher revolutions per minute than a piston engine
  • Operating with almost no vibration
  • Not prone to engine-knock
  • Cheaper to mass-produce, because the engine contains fewer parts
  • Superior breathing, filling the combustion charge in 270 degrees of mainshaft rotation rather than 180 degrees in a piston engine
  • Supplying torque for about two thirds of the combustion cycle rather than one quarter for a piston engine
  • Wider speed range giving greater adaptability
  • It can use fuels of wider octane ratings
  • Does not suffer from "scale effect" to limit its size

- It may need a more complex ignition system than piston based internal combustion engines

Used For

- Standard Powercubes

- Medium Power/Medium Fuel Efficiency Built in Engine Devices

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimmum Viable Product

- Both Diesel and Spark Plug Variants

- Either an inline configuration, a V configuration, or an opposing configuration

- As fuel efficient as possible

- Modular + Easy to Maitanence

- Optional Computerization (fuel injection etc.)

- Optional Piston Reduction (ie shut of two of them to act as a 4 piston engine (many cars call this an eco boost mode) )

- Can use a multitude of fuels (Bio Diesel, Alchohols (Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropyl), Dimethyl-Ether, and Gasous Fuels (Methane, Hydrogen, Hydroxy Gas) )

Basic Design

Engine Block






Spark/Glow Plug/Laser Ignition




Fuel Injector


Engine Computer Module






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Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Wankel Engines