Open Source Soldering Station

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- A combination of a benchtop power supply (or a gas supply), a temperature control circuit + user interface, and a soldering iron stand + cleaning devices

Used For

- Better Soldering

- A cleaner and safer soldering iron workspace

Industry Standards

- This weller model

Existing Open Source Designs

- This Design

Basic Design

Power Supply Module


Gas Supply Module

- Supplies Methane/Propane/Butane/Hydrogen gas for gas soldering irons

- Does so in a metered way to keep temperature at a set level, unlike portable gas soldering irons

Soldering Iron Stand

- A cnc milled stand

Soldering Iron Cleaning Module

- A wet sponge

- A bit of metal wool

IO + Control Module

- An arduino

- A OCI custom control circuit

- A touchscreen interface



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