Open Source Solution to War

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In order of priority:

  1. Prosperity, so that resource conflicts are avoided. Mutually assured abundance.
  2. Education - teaching people how to think, so they are not manipulated. Teach ethics, personal and political transformation as a core in anyone's life.
  3. Elimination of nuclear arms
  4. Open source economy

Potential crisis-point solutions if the above doesn't work:

  1. Mass mobilization and construction of defensive technology through crowdsourced means - it is an idea but can be problematic.
  2. Donating military equipment to countries under attack, such as Ukraine 2022. Does this work?
  3. Sanctions - but for real. Excommunicating offenders from the global community.
  4. Funding paramilitary assistance, such as corporate or nonprofit Mercenaries.
  5. Cyberwarfare