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  • Seems even the commercial producers such as this one don't even know what the "official name" is
  • Is a plastic tray of sorts with hollow pins on each of the four corners
  • Thus is easy to lift off of a stack, yet is rigid in horizontal transport
  • Piles of standards (seems each commercial bread producer had their own, need to look in to this)
  • Mainly used for commercial bakeries (hence the name), but also useful for storage of packaged products in other logistical operations


FDM 3D Printed

  • Should be easy once a file is made, as the lattice meshes on the sides and base lend themselves well to this method
  • may need to make sure the printer can handle such overhangs etc, but it should be fine

Injection Molded

  • Could be a great enterprise for a small workspace, mold seems complex though
  • How would one get the lattices from a mold, or are these post-mold machined?

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