Open Source Stirling Cryocooler

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- A device that uses the stirling effect for refrigeration

- Although this is inneficient for HVAC/Refrigeration Need, as you approach cryogenic temperatures these preform quite well

Used For

- Small Scale Gas Liquification

- Cryogenic Liquid Free Cooling of Scientific intstrument cooling

- Cryogenic Liquid Free Cooling of Medical instrument cooling

- Cryogenic Liquid Free Cooling of Superconductors

Industry Standards

- Sunpower Cryotel Cryocoolers

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- As cheap to produce as reasonably possible

- Durable

- Effective

- As energy efficient as reasonably possible

- Low vibration

- Multiple cooling options (ie ambient air cooled, fan air cooled, water cooled, or refrigeration cycle cooled)

Basic Design




See Also


Usefull Links

- A wikipedia page describing stirling cryocoolers

- A wikipedia page on crryocoolers with a large section on stirling cryocoolers