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- Like the Open Source Networking Server, but for telephone

- May be merged (in the same room or even the smae rack cabinet) with the Open Source Networking Server etc.

Used For

- Business Grade Communications

- Enthusiast Grade Communications

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs

- This Instructable

Minimum Viable Product

- Both VOIP and Traditional Telephone

- Optional Encryption

- Emergency Number Passthrough

- Intuitive Interface (no weird number pressing before regular telephone numbers)

- Redundancy

- Scaleable from household to giant businesses

Basic Design

Rack Cabinet


Power Supply


1 GBE Switch

- For VOIP

- From a modem or a Open Source Networking Server

Traditional Phone Plug Switch


Basic CPU Based Server

- For Controlling Everything

Phone In

- ?x Coaxial Phone Modem(s)

- ?x Cellular Phone (4g or 5g most likely) to traditional phone Modem(s)



See Also

- Open Source Networking Server

Useful Links