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- An air compressor powered by engine exhaust

Used For

- Open Source Motor/Engine Construction Set

- Increases engine efficiency and/or power by compressing the air in the cylender to allow for more fuel to be used, or to burn the same amount of fuel more efficiently

- Also if used in aircraft engines, it allows for operation at higher altitudes

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- As cheap as possible

- Modular

- Can be used with all the [Recipricating Engines in the Open Source Motor/Engine Construction Set]

- 10 PSI increase over ambient pressure (may need a metric/SI standard too...)

Basic Design


- Holds Everything Together


- Most likely a bladed turbine


- Connects the turbine to the compressor


- Actually compresses the air

- DIY, or off the shelf?

Air Tubing

- Takes air from the compressor to the Controller module and/or the intercooler


- Cools down the compressed gas so as to not effect combustion negatively

- Is connected to the engine radiator system, or could just use a heat sink (like those used on CPU's)

Controller Module

- Takes the compressed air, and adds the metered amout to each piston/rotor chamber

- Interfaces with the engine computer



See Also


Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Turbochargers

- A page with some good info