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  • A standardized device that allows for consistent stabalized human powered energy input
  • Mainly direct mechanical, but could be others such as hydraulic, pnuematic, or electric
    • The choice of mechanical means less losses if used to go directly to mechanical use, or a pump, instead of motion->electric->motion just "motion" etc

Basic Design


  • Human Mechanical Input Device
  • Essentially gymnasium equipment (Bicicyle Pedals, Elyptical, Rowing maching, Climbing Machine (Bar or Rockwall), etc)
  • Connects to a standerdized output axle


  • Controlled Output Device
  • Turns the varied and irregular input of a human into a metered consistent input
  • Uses the combiniation of a Flywheel (Lower Limit) and a Centrifugal Govenor (Upper Limit)

(Optional) CVT

  • Continously Variable Transmission
  • Allows the device to be more efficient and/or produce more torque/reach a higher rpm

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