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Apparently Best?

Peer Review by Joshua Pearce

What we are actually producing locally is much more modest - a few hundred face sheilds, dozens of masks and a handful of the tools to speed up cloth mask making and vent splitters. You can see what we are doing for masks - if you click on the filter link it covers the materials...

We are working desperately to get a real open source ventilator going -- for a summary of the literature see Short answer is no one has actually done it yet: MIT, Rice, Ireland and OxyGEN and a few others are really close - but delayed only partially released their code - the software to do the pressures correctly is the really hard part - we are working on it too -- I expect within the next few weeks one of us will get it. I have two artificial lungs - the fancy $10k kind on loan so I can test anyone's system....hopefully soon we will have something. Here is a list updated daily

Thanks Joshua

List of Open Source Projects

  1. Joshua Pearce - [1] and [2]
  2. Ambovent - above
  3. Make's mini conference on open source ventilators - lists the players involved - [3]
  4. Lungstors
  5. HandyVent
  6. List from Medium article - [4]. Spreadsheet at [5] but is not downloadable. Here is another list that is downloadable - [6]
  7. Sensorica list - [7]
  8. Ventilaid - [8]. Reciprocating, with pneumatic cylinder. Project site - [9]
  9. Leitat field respirator - first BVM - [10]
  10. Hackaday ventilator - [11]
  11. Ambu Type from Barcelona - [12]
  12. MIT Ventilator - but blueprints are not available yet.

Open Sourcish

Proprietary, Free, or No License

  1. AIR - [14]
  2. Code Life - Free to manufacture during crisis - [15]

Commercial Ventilators

Good Video



  • Fraction of Inspired Oxygen - FiO2 - [17]
  • PEEP - Positive End Expiratory Pressure - [18]


  • Design of ventilators - [19]