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- A place where people can go and go on a fully fleged adventure in vr

- Uses purpose built warehouse sized rooms, backpack pc's, a bunch of fancy tricks, and purpose built games

Used For

- Unforgettable sellable expiriences

- Could be modified for VR Training

Industry Standards

- The Void, arguabbly the best, most non-gimiky example

- Nomadic VR, just watch this video by tested, it is amazing

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Cheap enough for it to be considered worth it

- Sanitary (sanitize all headphones and headphones between each use)

- Lag + Bug Free (no one likes these when trying to relax/have fun)

Basic Design

Check in + Ticket Area

- Sells admission tickets and memberships

- Sells over the counter nausia medications (for VR associated motion sickness if some people are really sensitive this may be neccisary, not most people though)

- Sells Food + Drink

- Sells Desktop, mobile, and cardboard headsets for home use

Setup + Waiting Room

- Is before a VR Floor/Arena

- Is used for putting on all the equipment and waiting

- Comfy chairs

- Stands/Cases for all the equipment (VR Headset, Periferials, Backpack PC, Wearable Subwoofer, Other Props)

Tutorial Arena

- Like the VR Floor/Arena, but more room sized

- Used to learn the basics before entering the main room

VR Floor/Arena

- The Area Where the users expirience the expirence

- Has the following (some are optional, but just ideas, these are custom built/tailored rooms)

- A commercial outside in tracking setup (Optitrack or an open source alternative)
- Heat Simulators for things like fire, explosions and sunlite
- Cold Simulators
- Wind Simulators
- Snow Simulators
- Rain Simulators
- Structures that feel real; doors, walls, drawers,switches etc (i said feel because the virtual enviroment means that is all that matters the looks are all in the headset
- Additional props such as things to find in drawers
- Elevator (Shaking + Fan is all that is needed to be immersive suprisingly, alo maybe snake the users into a different room section)
- Subwoofers (other than the worn one, to simulate far off explosions etc.)

Ideas for stuff, be creative

- A titerope/beam crossing section (gets the fear going due to the immersivness, especially late in the expirence.  It isnt angerous in real life, but the illusion is powerfull)
- Various Texture + incline floors
- Crawl Areas/Spaces
- A Winding Maze  ( can be even more confusing with digital tricks )
- A vehicle (same idea as the elevator, simulate movement)
- An old mansion
- An old Ship
- you get the idea

Debriefing Room

- Used for the returning of equipment + feedback

- Same as the "Setup + Waiting Area" , but in reverse

- Also tablet Computers for feedback



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