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-Scrum is what we use. Constant updating of notes. Retrospective. Get a board in the house. Backlog. -team leader gets a name@opensourceecology.org account. -finances - salary and benefits. Payroll should be transparent. How much do I pay for each person? EFFECTIVE MEETINGS - Blog Time within the 5 minute morn meeting. 5 minute doc time. 1 hr upload every day. for instructionals - first pass instructionals. House protocol - cat, light bulbs, cleaning, kitchen, bath, sheets, pests, etc.Cat feeding. The cat is a farm cat and has the capacity to feed itself completely, and there is no shortage of mice and and other small animals around. The cat will beg for food because it is used to people feeding it. However, human food is inferior per in quality to natural food. Ignore it for 1/2 hour. let it go and hunt mice. If it doesn't go away within one hour, feed it. Otherwise, it will go away and feed itself. If you do this, it will only beg for food when it can't find any, otherwise, it begs for food all the time while leting rodent populations build up. Airport - cost of time plus gas money Calendaring protocol - how did me and Sam not get picked up? When do we put on arrival/leave date? How did the steel not get paid for? If ops is away, pay for it at another time or delegate. FINANCIAL - self-auditing of purchases; all purchases ongoing; Siger account. Whoever picks up gets a bill, checks off items with their initial, Workshop Manager checks off in workshop. Bill goes to accountant - every week meeting, 9 am Monday. Accounts receivable - ticket repayments logged as soon as a purchase is made. How? Speaking fee accounts receivable as soon as contract is signed. Car repairs, service, house repairs, etc. ONBOARDING PROTOCOL - from pickup at airport to whatever else that made Sam feel good. One pager of ops, constantly update able. Last revised, approved by... PAYMENTS AND ONGOING COSTS - cat, food, house supplies, airport, subscriptions, utilities. Ongoing budget detail. KATIE - find me an RA line manager Documenter plus BUDGET - ALL ongoing spendings. FINANCE - payroll, bank card, account management, book keeping, accounting, taxes

Priorities - DPVs - open shot or kdenlive protocol person. Needs to allow open invitation. Vice piece. FreeCAD for OSE Workbench. GItHub book editor. Cutoff saws - receipt found?

LINE MANAGER/PROJECT MANAGER Wiki Contributor Agreement- Colby, Infrastrux Punch List DPV Protocol - put DPVs into Calendar as one step. Intro email. Intro package, etc. Passwords Protocol Communications flowchart - for discussion on certain topics - go to ed for tech, forums for general discussion, certain topics to website, etc. Communications policy - internet. Phone backup. CALENDAR.

Trees Stucco Tubing around workshop into racks Measure rack and replicate Tractor usage


-not structured -Professional atmosphere -don't operate strategically but only tactically -don't see ny and how to keep ops up. -dev boards failed -planning failed -never leaving by dec - to what kind of standards.

WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL SOLUTIONS -having a plan and sticking to -

WHAT IS REASON FOR LONGER? - undermanned - -too much innov during execution


Protocols Issue - please do not have me argue with staff on protocols - outreach policy. Write the Effie protocol. I do not want you to tell me. First, it needs to and be written so that someone else can execute in her absence. Second there are enough details in there that unless you want such arguments as yesterday to continue happening we need to write them down.

Infrastructure issue - wtf

1. Quicken automatically inputs from BofA, categorized.

       - categories based on cash flow by Marci

2. Send paypal into there 3. Get a quicken tutorial. 4. Observe quicken sample. Last 56 yet to received good till end of March. Then we have 145000k for materials. Next 5 months about $30k/month.

Katie - new ops master list

Ops Manual - Cash flow/procedures/receipts - OSE Financial procedures

 - receipt keeping, paper and e
 - streamline req form - 30 sec metric

Mailings policy Airport rides policy Cover trees

Mark - firewood on way from home SOLAR 12.5 kw requires 1000kw hrs/ months 68k w 50k rebate - 18 k outta pocket, $2/w rebate

12.5 - 18k rebate

43k if rebate is 25kbfor 25kw system

12.5 is 5-6 yr payback. $150 saved per month

DAve would bid out specific cost of 12.5kw system, about $3/watt

2-3 cents shellback, 10 c production

Weekly meeting structure:

- weekly budget review (cash flow statement + discussion - proposed purchases for week (infrastructure, incidentals) not to be discussed thru week - status of Ops Manual - master plan - cant do it unless we get Shuttleworth cash. We initially said this would be done in exchange for Straw Board machine. - I don't want logistics questions coming to me. Parameters:

344-1632 - mark

4 - Pablo Freund - resource development Cover trees. fix smell. Interns protocol - cleanup. Need orientation tour. $750 to Emily Aiken $700 from Teddy Pankau or lifetime of milk

Recruiters Associations

Catherine Renee Stephanie Donna Karlin Scott Blessing

Drainage tube x2 New steel rack Shelves in 2 storage silos- gravel first Brick rollers, metal put away Community service groups in town? Prisoners Prisoners for workshop cleanup Workshop organization - map/inventory/consumables/6 welders