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Production Engineering Optimization

Once a product freeze and subsequent production engineering is developed, the next requirement for a great enterprise is optimization of the production engineering. To make cost + performance + build process improvements. Such as making parts in house,which is typically not possible in centralized enterprise but which makes sense in distributed production due to the higher Value Capture Ratio of distributed enterprise.


Product Optimization in general includes the improvement of design, build, and documentation during all phases of the project. This is a step that the Process Manager engages in at any time that basic development processes are progressing, and there is extra energy available to expand to further development steps.

The intent is:

  1. Crowdsourcing for Instructionals - by developing and executing development protocols for instructionals
  2. Getting to the phase of Enterprise Development - at any time organizing enterprise challenges once a given technology has sufficient maturity
  3. Getting further design review
  4. Instigating the recruiting of additional Advisory Board members for technical development

+ other steps as suggested at the optimization section of the Development Template]