Orders of Liquid Fuel Storage

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  • This isn't using any official standard (as of now), and there may be overlap, but this aims to organize various containers used to store Liquid Fuel (and to a certain extent Gaseous Fuels / LPG / Cryogenic Fuels ) in order of volume/scale
  • Also given that smaller tanks can be used in arrays equal to a larger tank, a design doesn't neccisarily dictate volume stored, but they have ranges (i can dig for them later, just jotting ideas down now)
  • Essentially Can->Large Jobsite Can->Jobsite Tank->Large Building Tank->Airport/Industry/Port Sized Mega Tanks


Canned Fuel

"Gas Can" / Safety Can / Jerry Can

Fuel Barrel

Cylindrical Fuel Tanks

  • Can be liquid or a similar sized Propane Tank
  • "Horizontal tanks are generally small storage tanks with capacities of less than 40,000 gallons" (ONLY 40,000 lol)

Atmospheric Storage Tanks / Floating Roof Tanks etc

  • "100,000-gallon external floating roof tank" !

Spherical Storage Tank

  • "Spheres can be built from 1,000 barrels to 75,000 barrels of capacity" (36,000-2,700,000.0 GALLONS!)

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