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Oct 1, 2017

Fixed burndown chart so that it defaults to 100% (when no values are available for a particular time period) but after some value is available it uses that as the new default. The Tractor burndown chart looks correct now.

Sep 24, 2017

Pushed burndown charts feature but it still needs more work to cleanup how the graphs are rendered.

So far burndown chart for the Tractor has been setup:


Process for adding new "Products":

Go here: https://osedev.org/admin/plm/product/

Click "Add Product". Enter details including the Google Spreadsheet ID which is in the URL of the spreadsheet, also enter the Cell where the total completed percentage can be found.

Once you have the product created you can click on checkbox next to it on the product listing screen and choose "Import latest progress for selected products". This will import immediately.

There is also a cronjob that will trigger imports daily at 4am.

To use the burn down chart in the wiki add iframe with a URL like:


Replace "Tractor" with the name of the machine entered when creating the Product.

Sep 17, 2017

  • Bunch of new stuff pushed to osedev.org:
  • Users now have a "Current" property in addition to the "OSE Developer" property and this can be enabled/disabled on the user edit/create screens. There is a dependency where "OSE Developer" must be checked on before "Current" can be enabled.
  • Only "Current" users show up on the Individual Development Effort Graph.
  • There is a Top 20 report:
  • Ability to download all entries as .csv:


  • Beginning of geocoding of developer location. When creating/editing a user there is a Location field which accepts any address value from just country name to a full address (the string is passed unaltered to Google Maps Geocode API to get the Latitude/Longitude). Next step is to add settings page where people can add as much or as little of their physical location as they feel comfortable sharing to be placed on a map.

Going to work on email sending next weekend. I'll need for the email templates to be fleshed out by then: http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Emails

  • Also added a way to specify the "current" week for Top 20, use the following URL:


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