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  • A book by James Fallows and Deborah Fallows
  • Copyrighted 2018-2019
  • Details their journey through the USA to study how troubled communities are fixing their issues
  • It also discusses the inverse relationship of national and local politics; National Cooperation goes down, local Cooperation goees up

10 / 10.5 Things Needed for a Community to Thrive

1.) Divisive national politics seem a distant concern

  • IE Local projects are not halted by national politics

2.) You can pick out the local patriots

  • Obious leaders

3.) “Public-private partnerships” are real

  • non corrupt publi-private partnerships are commonplace

4.) People know the civic story

  • united message + goal is had + widely understood

5.) They have a downtown

6.) They are near a research university

7.) They have, and care about, a community college

8.) They have unusual schools

  • Ie ones with out of the box methods, special facilities (makerspaces), job training etc

9.) They make themselves open

10.)They have big plans

  • Big ideas but also long term thinking, which they pointed out as being easier at a local level than the national level

10.5)They have craft breweries

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