Outstanding USA Issues

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Good Points

  • High standard of living
  • Information technology advancements
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • High level of civic society has been reached, with certain challenges to democracy surfacing in 2021


  • Agency problem - in Corporate/IPO structure
  • Centralized industry with limited wealth distribution
  • Dead end jobs - preventing individuals from lifelong learning
  • Widening gap between information workers and real work, which breeds resentment. Dead end jobs.
  • 2 ton/acre erosion
  • Deforestation [1]. About 0.6% forest cover loss in 2020 alone. Holy shit.
  • Prison industry complex
  • Military industrial complex and its subtle forms such as STEM = military industrial complex
  • Privatization of public institutions' R&D
  • Low self esteem - keeping up with the joneses, materialism