Over-Illumination Waste

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  • This is the Energy Waste from leaving lights on, or lighting a space inefficiently


Leaving Lights On

  • Either due to conveince or user error lights can be left on
  • Also leaving them on during the day can be a source
  • Thus the device is consuming energy when it may not have to

Innefficient Lighting

  • This can be either


Leaving Lights On

Inneficient Lighting

  • Use leds whenever possible
  • POSSIBLY Sulfur Lamps in high lumen applications (if developed more)
  • Design Considerations:
    • How much light is really needed
    • Multiple Levels of Lighting (Instead of Light Room or Dark Room, a lit table and dark room, or lit corner via table lamp etc, and using these accordingly)
    • Night Modes (Dim Lights according to time of day, and have dedicated nightlights for navigation as it gets darker rather than having to fully light the room)

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