Oxyfuel Torch

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Any fuel.can be used, from liquid fuels such as gasoline to diesel, to gas - such as propane, a etylene, wood gas, to hydrogen.


  • Without adding oxygen, here is a simple but good looking torch, Hackaday - [1]


  • Slavic Paper charactrellerizing oxyhydrogen cutting -[2]
  • Komatsu propaganda, with some data, no references - [3]


  • Oweld - [4].
  • Small Chinese jewelry hydrogen torches - 100 lph
  • Taiwan - 2.6kW, .6lph water consumption. Says it's good for steel cutting. - [5]
  • 4.5kW, 1500 lph - [6]

Charcoal Gas


  • Gasoline or diesel - [7]. DOE (biased?) Testing of the torch has been performed - see Data section - [8]. Conclusion: capital amortization cost of 9 cents per hour vs 3 cents for oxyacetylene, but a major savings of fuel (not oxygen, which is the same) - at 2.5 gallons of gasoline or equivalent 250 lb bottle of acetylene. The latter is $80 in 2015 and the former is $8 - 10x cost reduction on fuel. The next question is oxygen. Cutting rate is double and triple at 2" and 4.5" metal thickness.
  • Table 6 page 19 shows overall fuel cost to be 6x improved in the gasoline case, which appears to include oxygen.