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ozone): http://www.amazon.com/Tetra-26076-Whisper-Air-Pump/dp/B0002563QI

  • I also called the company that made that ozonator and ordered a dozen replacement ozone tubes. One item of note: It is important that the ozonator stay in a dry area or it will corrode the insides.
  • Aqua-6 Ozone Generator Ozonator Water Air Oil Purifier 600 mg/h www.amazon.com
  • A2Z OZONE INC. Presents AQUA-6 Ozone Generator Ozone is one of the worlds most powerful sterilizing agents. If you are looking for an organic & reliable method to sanitize & clean Air, Water & Liquids then you need an AQUA-6 Ozonator. With easy installation on the wall, table, flo...
  • Here are some premades that are pretty nice: http://www.poolsupplyworld.com//poolsupplies/poolozonators/delozone.htm PoolSupplyWorld.com, Pool Supplies, Pool Ozonators, DEL Ozone and more from PoolSupplyWorld.com
  • www.poolsupplyworld.com
  • PoolSupplyWorld.com is your leading resource for PoolSupplyWorld.com including Pool Supplies, Pool Ozonators, DEL Ozone and more.


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