Ozone to Treat Heavy Metals in Water

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 it was the only point of use treatment of what was in my rainwater from coal fired power plants—lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.the usual suspects.It is an oxidizer that acts like a flocculant and so you have you also have to have a very fine micron filter to remove the ash/residue.
Will it work for most heavy metals—I believe so…you will need a ozone Venturi set up and a mixer in the tank.
Here’s my set up in diagram.
Hope this makes sense:

Here’s a 2015 paper you can refer to:Summary only

Metals removal using ozone

Ozone can do more than disinfection and oxidation of chemical contaminates.  Ozone can also be used as a flocculant to aid in filtration of metals from water.  It is common to use ozone to remove iron and manganese from water, but what about other metals?

The paper shown below provides confirmation that ozone has the ability to also remove Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Zinc, and Cadmium from water.  Using ozone for per-treatment and filtration these metals were all removed from water at varying degrees dependent upon ozone dosage rate and filtration efficiency.

This is one more application for ozone in drinking water applications, and potentially for groundwater remediation applications.

Read abstract for paper below, link to purchase entire paper here