Porous Substrate Bioreactor

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  • Often Abbreviated as PSBR or PSB
  • May need a "Phot-" bit to differentiate between non-photobioreactors?
  • Seems to be the Hydroponics / Aeroponics of PBRs
  • Uses a porous substrate (often sintered something, although mesh screens/felt, and maybe even expanded metal *should* work?) to grow a biofilm of algae
  • Either uses continuous flow, or pulsed (like tidal (forget the word) ) hydroponics
  • Saves water (especially if evaporated water is recovered)
  • More exposure of algae to circulated gas thus oxygen to co2 concentration can be optimized
  • Can have more light expose than some other methods
  • Works especially with Product Excreting Algae <- may need better name
  • Does it Require Periodic "Scraping" ?

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