PVC Pipe and Fittings Library

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This is a library of all the current PVC Pipe and Fittings that have been made in freecad for OSE. Many fittings can be created using OSE Piping Workbench.

Pipe dimensions used in literature

  • O.D. - outer diameter.
  • Average I.D. - average inner diameter (why average?). This dimension determines the size of the pipe.
  • Min. Wall - thickness of the pipe wall.
  • Schedule - determines (indirectly) the thickness of the wall.

Basic Parts

Parts Generated Using the OSE Piping Workbench + Other

Library of STEP Downloads from McMaster Carr

Comparable in size to generated parts - except for some parts which are way too heavy.


  • Do we really want to 3D-print pipe fittings? Somehow I have doubt about mechanical properties of the 3D-printed products.
    Yes. For high pressure applications - 300 PSI - we would have to be very careful. For low pressure, such as 5 PSI, it's not a problem. Eventually, we want to refine printing techniques where our fittings can do what standard schedule 80 ABS fittings can do.
    • Also with things such as part baking/ annealing, composite filaments, and SLA or SLS Printers, very durable parts can be made. Granted i agree proper testing, and potentially getting "Listed" or whatever the Building Code / Insurance stuff would need