PV Encapsulation

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It is not clear to me your use of 'encapsulant' vs 'surface coating with PMMA'. Is the surface coating the same as 'encapsulation', or is there a fundamental difference?

It looks like distributed encapsulation can be a reality - given that PMMA and EVA appear to be readily available off-the-shelf? Is there any particular block to distributed lamination with PMMA and EVA? Does industry standard encapsulation start with resin, or do they start with sheets for the encapsulation process?


They can both work as an encapsulant but just coating with PMMA is not normal.

Yes - I think we can get to distributed encap relatively easily for small scale PV modules; for the larger ones you start to run into no market for small batches of large scale encapsulation sheets. Industry normally uses a resin and then attaches it to glass or back sheets in a sandwhich.