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Contact Information: - telephone number +393287779310 - skype id pignol23 - email

Contributions relevant to project: - any related education, skills, experiences, resources that may contribute to moving the project forward.

Present engagements and actions currently engaged in on a day-to-day level:

Networks: Social networks, groups, clubs, organizations, or other leaders

Level of Commitment to the Good Work: This question helps us assess what you are capable of in terms of practical commitment levels and depth of involvement. Are you doing full time organizational/progressive/open source/other work for a living, or is it a part time diversion from working another, unrelated full-time job?

Livelihood goals: - What would you like to see yourself working in/making a living on a long-term basis? Is that what you're doing now?

Your interests in open product/infrastructure development: What in particular interests you in open development?

projects are interested in -

Are you interested in living in a startup, land-based Global Village as being discussed here?

How did I find out about OSE?

I’ve hear about the program searching in the net for open source hardware.

Other things:

name: Paolo Cirillo family name: Martini gender: male born time: 1989/08/24 (year/month/day) born place: Pieve di Cadore (BL) citizenship: italian domicile: Auronzo di Cadore(BL) 32041 Via Ospitale 4 telepone number: 3287779310(vodafone) email: skype name: paolo.cirillo.martini



  • Appropriate rated for the profession of optician (90/100)
  • Qualified to the E. Fermi Institute of Pieve di Cadore (77/100)

indipendent study in:

  • Chemestry, computer, physic, neurology, esperanto


  • 2010 summer stage in the optical shop “Gottardini Vision” in Trento

what I’ve done: observation of visits, lens order with hoyalog, assembly goggles, virtual construction of contact lens with “calco” technology, selling of sunglasses, others

  • Seasonal work in sommers of hear 2009 at Optical shop “Borca” in Lozzo di Cadore

what I’ve done: clerk, sun glasses filter coloration, others

  • 40h stage between 2008/2009 at Optical shop “Borca” in Lozzo di Cadore

what I’ve done: clerk, sun glasses filter coloration, others

  • Evening work for 24 weekend between 2008/2009 at “gran caffè Tiziano” in Pieve di Cadore

what I’ve done: attendant, bar service, others

  • Seasonal work in summers of hears 2008-2007-2006 at the hotel “la nuova Montanina” in Auronzo di Cadore

what I’ve done: attendant, bar service, others

  • Seasonal work in summers of hear 2005 at the shop “emporio Martini” in Auronzo di Cadore

what I’ve done: clerk


  • Optician work in Burkina Faso near the capital between 2011 2 6 and 2011 2 13

what I’ve done: check-up of eye sight, preparation of already mounted eye glasses on face

  • Agriculture in summers of hears 2009 and 2010 in Auronzo di Cadore
  • Auto-production of

o soap - google site: conoscere sapone giulia e paolo o toothpaste o yogurt


1. work reference: “emporio Martini”

  • telephone number: 0435/400400
  • email:

2. work reference: “Gottardini vision”

  • telephone number: 0461/238912
  • email:

3. personal reference:

  • telephone number: 3403457601
  • email:


  • for life
  • I want made the necessary skills for create a village without money on my own
  • I want to help you made this easy with my work and my ideas
  • I want to learn better english
  • I want to know your objective motivation for increase my ability to involve others in increasing life explaining objective motivation


  • for life
  • economy is a system wit a lot of mistakes and we can do better with a system based on freedom and information
  • scientific research tell us that meritocracy doesn’t work, people doesn’t do better for a evalutation of someone else or for money
  • your project can with some more initial work go realy faster
  • work is not destructive, even for my self (I don’t want to work more then what is usefull, if I break my self this isn’t usefull)


  • agriculture:

o basic knowledge of biological agriculture system (I’ve participated to a 3 evening, totaly 8h, course). System tested and scientifically explained. (the person that explained was a professor in agriculture techniques and is a dairyman and a shepherd. I want to ask him for have his technical instruction for your field and animals.) o work without machine

  • workshop

o glass cut with millstone and in on goggles work o chek-up eyesight o make soap o make yogurt o make toothpaste

  • industry

o no good to consider skills

  • organizing

o group of in agreement shopping

  • hands-on

o no good to consider skills

  • CAD

o basic use of autocad proprietary software o for make shape use of blender, for animation in increase use of blender o I will increase this skill when the reprap will arrive

  • manufacturing

o basic wood work ability

  • computer skills

o basic use of ubuntu, debian, mac OS and windows o gimp little more then basic ability o google docs, form and sites use basic ability o freenet basic knowledge o to scan and pdf making ability (I’ve a power scanner)

Yes, I've made something that I use without design them out of my mind, some stamp in wood for make recognisable different product soap. Which of your skills are particularly relevant towards creating the GVCS? Please view the San Francisco Presentation of 2010 and recent update for the latest on our approach and on-the-ground work. Yes, I can organize the work when I know what we have to obtain and what are the object we can use. Yes I can cook and grow food I think. Yes I can cover my food expenses. No I’ve not. I have a solid motivation. Yes. I think because I try to increase freedom of everyone. I don’t want to make people laugh. For me is usefull but moslty when it came nature. No I’ve not. All is alive is important but we can't save everything so I try to save mostly how wont to be alive so I try to save life and freedom. I don’t want my name anywhere. When this is true I have gratification. No I don’t. I don’t eat if I don’t know what I’m eating. Yes, is one of the thing because I’ve request to come with you. Yes I can. If Is usefull we can make a reality show with a lot of reality and usefull information. I have a videocamera. I can use a video cutter program. Yes I can work well as a pioneer under rough condition, taking the responsibility to create my own environment. The date is form the 1st of apryl to the 1st of may. If it will be usefull I will stay in the open source community forever and if is not I will come back. No I can’t visit you before my Dedicated Project Visit. I don’t consider imperative as an order by like a request by a person that think that I will do what he is requiring me. I will do only things usefull to life so if there’s something usefull to do don’t have fear using imperative. I eat a lot of fruit, a lemon every morning. I want to prepare breakfast for everyone and do showers in the morning, before everyone stand up for more freedom in the morning. No I’ve not consider any other community but I think this is the best that I can find for what I know.

Documentation is key to moving our work forward. This includes video documentation. Can you produce a 1-3 minute video introduction to yourself and what you would like to accomplish in your Dedicated Project Visit? See sample video from WilliamCleaver from a former application. The video can be as simple as a clip uploaded to the web, or uploaded to a video viewer such as YouTube,, Vimeo, or others. If you are accepted, can you produce video updates on your work at least at 2 week intervals, starting with a video upon your arrival?

List your goals and deliverables for your Dedicated Project Visit, breaking it up by each of the four weeks. Please write a one-page proposal brief summarizing what you would like to do, how you would accomplish it, and what resources you would need to do so.

I want make all we need for produce objects in glass with different shapes(from plates to fibre). I think there's a way for make semi-transparent glasses. If we make them then we will need to produce less visible and infrared electromagnetic waves in houses. I already have only some ideas on what is the way for do this so I will write more on this. For make simple glass we need silicone oxide from send(we have send?) and a oven.

How does your proposed work contribute to the creation of the GVCS? How does your proposal contribute towards creating a world of post-scarcity economics? I think glass is a good material because it's easily recyclable and because have a lot of uses:

  • windows, for have natural(economic) light and hot in house, for store things without the problem of dust and see in the storages
  • lenses for glasses
  • for make glass fiber that is a light strong material and a good conductor of light and information

What are the metrics by which you could assess the success of your work? (prototypes built, documentation produced, resources or funding raised, infrastructure built, food provided, contribution to the community provided, True Fans recruited, presentations given, speaking tours organized, etc.) Note that we are looking for tangible and explicit proposals and results as opposed to 'I will help with whatever is needed' or other generalizations - unless we agree otherwise. What do you expect to get out of your Dedicated Project Visit? I expect to make machines for make glass objects, to work in fields for produce food, to introduce some crops and some agricultural techniques(permacoluture), probably to "make" all the bathroom set (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, sponge), to learn, to teach, etc.

Can you visit us prior to your Dedicated Project Visit? no

Please share three interesting things about yourself.

  • I think languages aren't perfect so when I talk I want to be intended in the best way.
  • I have some of my brain links in stable(some of my ideas will never change) but I'm still changing a lot. I've not opinions that I will remember.
  • I think

Please share three things you think people should know about living with you.

  • If I'm noisy when I slip(I don't think so) I want to be woke.
  • I realy hate punishment, they are not usefull with me and they are every time unusefull for what I know.

Are you considering other communities and options? no. I've considered to work in today bad economy for make money for give them to projects like debian, frennet and open source ecology but I think is better if we try to do all without a lot of money, out of this economy from the beginning. If we can make this without a lot of money from the start then we can share how we have done. Any other concerns or considerations?

  • I think your symbol isn't a good expression of what we are doing. Why not a spiral like debian?

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