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What is the paper pulp making machine? Paper pulp making machine also called paper pulping machine, paper pulper machine. It refers to the equipment for paper pulp production. paper pulp making machine has a lot of types.common paper pulp making machines include pulp digester, disc filter, blow tank, twin roll press, vacuum drum washer, single screw press and etc.


The pulp digester is a large vessel for paper pulp making.we can classify the pulp cooking machines into batch-type and continuous-type according to the operating process.Vertical pulp digester and rotary spherical digester are two typical kinds of the digester.

twin roll press

TwinRoll is a family of pulp washers covering every need for washing along the entire fiber line.

vacuum drum washer

Vacuum washers are generally used for displacement washing or pulp thickening. All vacuum washers use pressure differential to pick up a fiber ‘mat’ on the decking surface of the cylinder. From there filtrate from washing showers passes through the fiber mat and eventually through the face wire onto the corrugated drainage deck with circumferential channels. The deck channels carry the filtrate through louvered accelerators to longitudinal channels. Channels are formed by the deck sections support grids along the drum surface. The deck support channels direct the filtrate to the cylinder head where radial channels direct the filtrate to the valve seat. A cylinder valve with preset clearances dictates vacuum application and shutoff. Once past the valve filtrate passes directly to the discharge elbow. The discharge elbow is connected to the drop leg leading to a filtrate tank below. The siphon action of the drop leg arrangement creates the required pressure differential or vacuum.

disc filter

A disc filter consists of several discs. Each disc is made up of several pie-shaped sections. Disc filters can operate as either vacuum disc filters or pressurized disc filters. Because a pressure differential is applied across both disc faces, the effective filter area of a disc filter is much greater than that of a drum filter requiring the same floor space.

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