Parallel Production Engineering

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This is a document specifying the workflow/timing/layout ofthe production process to coordinate a modular build. The focus is on effective parallel coordination with a sizeable number of people within the context of swarm-based social production.

This must be based on:

  • Number of different modules
  • Completion time of each module
  • Module complexity
  • Number of people doing the build
  • Tools available for the build and their condition
  • Supplies available for the build
  • Skill level of participants
  • Infrastructure and facility access
  • Safety during the build process
  • Optimal timing during the day
  • External factors such as weather. For example, in rainy whether, fetching supplies from outside may be an issue.
  • Energy level and morale of the build team
  • Amount of leadership, guidance, and automation available


This should be a slide presentation with printouts for the production manager. Presentation should depict:

  • Which modules are being built when
  • What tools/techniques are used
  • Quality control steps required
  • Adjustment of timing based on contingencies
  • Treatment of individual modules and their assembly into a complete structure.