Parker Log October 2012

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Wed. Oct 31 2012

  • Met with Aaron to discuss accounting and started development of rough processes needed covering
  • Finished and submitted draft of OSEmail 2 to Marcin/Aaron. Got feedback.

Tues. Oct 30 2012

  • Sent out email to prototyper applicants informing them that we're only looking for designers, and inviting them to apply for that position instead if they're interested.
  • Began drafting OSEmail 2
  • Linked work product for income/expenses in Tasks

Mon. Oct 29 2012

  • Week Milestones:
    • Completion of OSEmail #2 and post to Blog
    • Conduct interviews for other applicants and review those who shifted from prototyper to designer
    • True Fan process map, and link to TF handling process
    • Start Accounting process page
    • OSE Swag Store up and running

Fri. Oct 26 2012

  • Wall stuccoing with Graham
  • Purchased lock and clasp for filing cabinet
  • Fixed roof of chicken coop since another panel had been blown off
  • Took Marcin to pick up truck from the shop
  • TF emails

Thurs. Oct 25 2012



  • Added chart with earning per month. Last tab of spreadsheet. Didn't add to wiki yet because I'm unsure if it captures all the info we might want.


  • Collaborated with Kavitha on Bioneers script and PPT. Troubleshooted issue with video not working. Skyped with Tristan to get him to send dot-to-network animation.


  • Mail and grocery run

Wed. Oct. 24 2012


  • Updated True Fan quantities and income from donations through September. Created most up-to-date chart available here.
  • Updated income/expenses to account for ending balance in 2011, as well as the rest of September 2012. Holding off on adding October until end of month.


  • Worked with Graham to make mud, plaster, and smooth out the entire east wall.

Tues. Oct. 23 2012


  • Met with Bill, Aaron, Marcin to discuss positioning. Gathered info on audiences and how it will be developed.


  • Worked with Graham to get compressor working, with some mud mixing and documenting first sprays of the mud before we couldn't get the compressor going again. Waiting to publish until we have better footage and consistent results.
  • Dug out new spot for water barrel and moved it. Had to cut into the grooves already present in the barrel to get the hoses to lay lower. Still a bit elevated, but will settle lower when we bury line up to the barrel as the dirt pushes them down. Need to cut new panels.


  • Emailed five most promising candidates to set up interviews. First one should be tomorrow morning.

Mon. Oct. 22 2012

  • Week Milestones Plan:
    • Setting up and conducting interviews on at least top five candidates for machine designer
    • Installing lock on filing cabinet
    • Updating financial income/expenses with 2011 balance and updated chart with earnings this year
    • Writing and sending out OSEmail


  • Met with Marcin to discuss tasks and milestones.
  • Met with Marcin and Bill to discuss positioning.


  • Shopping at Walmart with parents for Hablab supplies (lamps, cleaning supplies, some dishes, etc.)
  • Trip to St. Joseph to pick up air compressor.
  • Installed new lights and other items, cleaned up Hablab and reorganized.

Fri. Oct. 19 2012

Coop Repair

  • Replaced roof panel that had blown off
  • Reinforced all panels with stronger, longer screws.
  • Filled in gaps with expanding foam.
  • Took down back wall trellis and began construction on more solid back wall. Started with frame and then pallets for panels.


  • Met with Aaron about financial transparency.
  • Stuccoed more on stove.

Thurs. Oct. 18 2012

Production Run

  • Moved bricks and steel frame in from workshop to HabLab. Built brick framework and started stuccoing.
  • Spot fixed the frame, grinding down some welds.
  • Got bolts for frame


  • TF emails
  • Grocery run

Wed Oct. 17, 2012

Production Run

  • Meeting with team to discuss the build and questions about design/how-to
  • Worked on welding bolts to L-bar, which will hold sheet panels on.
  • Spot welded ash box frame and then welded the entire thing.
  • Made dinner for the troops


  • Got the tube, finally! Rolled it over to south side of workshop to be cut.

Tue Oct. 16, 2012


  • Organized and printed all job applicants. Spreadsheet of form and corresponding resumes, as well as resumes of those who didn't fill out the form.
  • Did cursory review of them with Aaron. No conclusions yet.
  • Started setting up Cafe Press store. Either need to set up under my name or get Marcin's Social Security number.
  • Sent TF emails that came in today.


  • Met with Aaron and Marcin to discuss the state of finance strategy. Action items include Marcin going over unsorted types. Also discussed processes and use of process maps alongside instructions. Plan to create process map for True Fans alongside existing instructions.


  • Took Yoonseo/Aaron to get groceries, check on pipe delivery, and pick up new cast-iron pan.
  • Took Gabi to bus station south of Kansas City

Mon Oct. 15, 2012


  • Met with Marcin and Aaron to discuss financial accounting strategy. Plan to develop processes for varying subjects.
  • Met with Rene, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Bolivian Sustainable Development Hub. Discussed replication in Bolivia, with possible partnership alongside Engineers Without Borders. Plan to touch base for more details next week.


  • Dropped off payment for 20' tube and took Aaron to bank to set up Online Accounting. Also got gas.
  • Trip to Fair Share Farm to pick up produce, and trip to grocery for few other staples (beans, cheese, etc.)


  • Updating True Fans Handling Process to better mach Process Documentation Standards

Wed Oct 10, 2012

Newsletter and Mailing Lists

  • Drafted and designed new campaign monitor newsletter template.
  • Put in first news section about collaborative production run. Waiting for video and Aaron contribution about Guatemala. Can be seen by logging into Campaign Monitor.
    • Perhaps may add details about hay rake or trenching.
  • Generated code for a subscription landing page on the wiki.

Grocery Run

  • Stocked up on foods

True Fans

  • Emailed new subs and cancellations

Tue Oct 9, 2012

Fixing Tractor

  • Went with Graham to get lug nuts for new tire coupler. Found out that the wheel itself was likely to break soon, so we went to the local scrap yard for a different wheel. Found said wheel (or so we thought) and brought it to D-Tone to get the tire changed from the old to new wheel. They obliged, but then realized that the two wheels were actually slightly different (a difference they missed themselves) so that the new one would not be able to work. Service was free of charge they said they should have seen the problem beforehand and not done the switch to begin with. Ended up going back to consult at car part place and upon deliberation, decided to make a new plate for the wheel before buying lug nuts. This however changed on the 10th when it was decided to just buy another tire at a different local scrap yard.

Pressure Tank Prep

  • Ground off all the rust from the pressure tank with help from Tristan.
  • Cleaned all the dust off and then applied multiple coats of black enamel spray paint.


  • Embedded Google docs containing letter templates for new True Fans and cancelling True Fans into wiki. Seen at True Fan Emails
  • Embedded Paypal Payments history into wiki Seen at Paypal_Finances.
  • Linked and referenced these supporting documents into True_Fan_Handling_Process.

Mon Oct 8, 2012




  • Researched type of insulative board and plastic sheeting to get for building exterior insulation. Found out insulation can't be shipped so we're hoping to arrange John to pick up.


  • Started cleaning office and working on filing system.

Thu Oct 4, 2012

Developing Accounting History

  • Continued sorting of categories and verification that entries weren't missed
  • Manual entry of Jan-July for SESLOC due to inability to export data
  • Further insertion of details regarding checks from newly imported data, only few hours left to complete expenses, unless we decided to bring in Paypal spending


  • Took Yoonseo and Aaron shopping; Y replenished stock of fruit and veggies on his dime.

Pipe Culvert

  • Had Richard Meek come down to see creek bed and get ordering of pipe going. Waiting to hear back from him regarding final price. Should be tomorrow.


  • Made dinner for everyone

Wed Oct 3, 2012

Developing Accounting History

  • Manual insertion of details regarding checks from UWCU into records.
  • Transfer to OSE_Financial_Transparency_2012 spreadsheet.
  • Still have few to do and need Marcin to see what remains to determine what it is. Same must be completed for SESLOC.


  • Trip to St. Joseph. Acquired spray paint for CEB and pressure tank, additional grinding/cut-off wheels, new mud drill, repair material for hay spreader tires, 240 volt outlets, and minor office supplies (hanging files, paperclips, staples).

Office Management

  • Began setting up filing system and arranging an organizational structure for the office.
  • Possibility of creating lock for existing filing cabinet since, after all, we have a working metal shop.


  • Troubleshooted issues with eggs on phone with egg selling website.
  • Cleaned incubator of algae/mold that had appeared.
  • Removed rotator in order to better maintain proper temperature. Manual rotation 2-3 times/day will be necessary, but is not difficult or time consuming.