Passport Renewal

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There are many different services that provide passport renewal, or one can work directly with the Department of State. Below is one cost example with notes. Cost for Department of State directly is ?


  • 11 business day service (15+ days) option
  • Travisa renewal at costs $179, with $45 Fed Ex Overnight label additional
  • Needs photo. Using their service it is $27 if you send a digital photo. [1]
  • Can call 800.463.3339 for Fed Ex pickup between 9:30AM and 1
  • There is an outdoor FedEx dropoff box at Right Choice, 403 N Walnut St, Cameron, MO 64429, (816) 632-1411
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  • Conf:stja4

Passport Photos

  • USA Guidelines - [2]
  • How to use GIMP to do a passport photo - [3]