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Jae Sabol Feedback

This is amazing!

If he’s like to work with both of us, I’d like to open source the entire setup and establishment process. This would include:

  • Chicken tractor construction and maintenance details in a scalable form with this level of detail:

  • Double checking all his numbers through your own duplication of his efforts - and creating them in a non-video format that can be updated and evolved with the input of you and others
  • Open sourcing your setup and construction process as a marketing engine for all three of us

I see this as beneficial for all three of us:

  • Him: marketing and all he needs to do is answer yours and my questions
  • You: you’ve got to build all this anyway, you’d just need to take pictures and document your process and then we could create all the web infrastructure, marketing, etc.
  • Us: we need to build this too and your questions using our open source evolution of what he’s got (70% of it is there!) would make the open source creation better for everyone

The end result I see would be the best chicken tractor resource in the world. This would be good promotion for everyone and the industry as a whole. If John is looking for additional revenue, he could start an hourly-paid consulting service for people who would rather talk to someone than read it all on the internet. He could also produce a polished product to sell alongside the open source version - using all the marketing we’ll help create for him.

The web infrastructure (code) we write could be used by all of us on our sites too, not just ours.

Put this on the top of the list of stuff to talk about when we see each other. If you can run this idea by John before then, that’d be pretty amazing too.


PS: Added his link to our chickens page resources and promoted it across Facebook and Tsu too:

Jae M. Sabol Executive Director ~ One Community One Community: "Open Source Sustainability for The Highest Good of All"

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called." ~ Buckminster Fuller ~


Yes. For OSE, if we are to build out this system, we would need a farm manager. We plan on producing an aquaponic lettuce/tomato/edibles nursery/chicken/microgreens/mushrooms/compost/bakery enterprise model where the chickens would be a part of this plan. That means we probably scale it down - adapt John's model to an integrated produce ecology - CSA model, potentially using Buckybox or other local food systems software.

Before diving into this system, we should do an on-paper analysis of Joel Salatin's Chicken Mobile for eggs and meat. Different breed, and doing both chicken and eggs. Based on a comparison of John's meat, Salatin's meat, and Salatin egg model - we should compose a working proposed model. For me, the next step here would be careful study of Salatin's economics. Apparently, Salatin is one of the very few who markets to the common market, not to eco elites. It's worth studying in detail from the practical perspective. We should nail these details first.

Yes, then we could talk of the best chicken tractor guide in the world.