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Great to meet you, too. I'll respond with some more info on the 1000 Squared campaign.

I put your name in there as a contact person.


On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 7:59 PM, Paul Linder <> wrote:

   It was a pleasure to meet you and get a quick glimpse to day of your setup. I will visit again when I make a break from my current projects. I will let you know at least a day prior to driving out but it won't be until next weekend, I believe. I noticed that just yesterday you posted all the video that I was today suggesting. Fantastic! I like the way you think and appreciate your complete dedication to your cause. I can see making a flyer to post around the KU campus before the school year ends in order to generate some interest. The school of Journalism is a smart place to start. I'll see what I can do - minimally, post your URL with main topics of interest however I may.
   Once again, it was a pleasure!
   Paul Linder