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Hello Factor E, my name is actually Paul, my online name is misnomermike :) I live close to you in the KC burbs. I am wondering how you folks make it through the winter? I have an interest in joining a community being that I am an experienced landscaper and home gardener. I have a great deal of equipment and tools and I look to join an ongoing self sustaining farm or greenhouse community. I would enjoy speaking with someone on the phone about some questions I have. I wouldn't want to waste any of your time. So I'll just say I'm a humble man, I work well with dirt, looking to get off the grid, no children, I have no need to drink or smoke, I require very little to make me happy. Perhaps we could benefit from each other. My hard work in exchange for learning a little bit from you folks as well as making some new friendships. I am a skilled fisherman as well, in which I can provide pounds of crappie trout and catfish

                  you can reach me at, of course my e-mail  or current residents 913-671-8446 or cell 913-710-1974