Pay Structure

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  • Ideal situation, tell me how much you want to get paid. I'll tell you what you would need to be doing with us to get that. And we agree based on milestones.
  • PDF from MIT - taxes + benefits - [1]. Plan on 15% bottom line tax for manufacturing? Plan on $2500 minimum for health coverage? Basics: 1.25-1.4 base salary once we include tax and benefits. Example is given where for engineering consulting, base salary is multiplied by 1.25 for the above, then another 1.75 for office/equipment, and x1.25 for management and nonbillable time - so that the total employee cost is 2.7 over base. Does Steve do base + incentives, and lets the workers do performance-based bonus for as much as they like?
  • For OSE, we should think about pay structure where the education part covers the training/hiring - I think that's a great way to go as it shares risk - with guarantee of hiring pending 'passing the exam'.