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Pelletizer Mockup

March 21, 2014






March 19, 2014

  • Over spring break, a team member will work on assembling pieces together on Solidworks
  • We have the rotor mount but it's not assembled yet
  • Need to find/create the rotor
  • After the rotor mount is assembled, we need to figure out how to connect it to the pelletizer
  • Last step is assembling everything else
  • Hoping that we'll have it assembled by the end of April at the latest
  • Due to midterms, not a lot got done (sadly)
  • After Assembly:
    Biggest questions we have so far:
  • Is there a heat source for the die?
  • The machine gets really hot. Where is this heat coming from?
  • Is the friction going to slow things down?
  • Should we worry about the thermal coefficient of expansion?
  • Especially with our material selection
  • Lubrication?

February 26, 2014

  • Spoke about design
  • Currently, have working Solidworks files of the following:
  • roller, the hopper, die, and base
  • Next steps:
  • Connecting the pelletizer on the rotor
  • After designing, we'll working on virtual assembly
  • Will talk this week with Professor Leipold for advice on design and materials

February 19, 2014

  • Time Table for the next few weeks
  • All Basic CAD parts excluding rotor and mount
  • Start designing rotor and mount
  • Start assemblies and tweak designs
  • Assembly Completion
  • We currently have a drawing for the die, the hopper and the roller
  • Next is the base
  • Will be a little difficult, weird geometry
  • Rotor is done in Sketch Up, needs to be formed in CAD
  • By the end of next week, we should have basic CAD parts
  • In 2 weeks, basic assembly?

February 12, 2014

  • Questions for Marcin
  • Rotating Mechanism: is it the die? The bell? Everything? What is moving?

~Critical Dimensions for die etc.

  • Meeting with Marcin
  • Rotating Mechanism

-The only thing being driven is the die


-All he has is what is on the pictures right now

-All the development ones are pretty much shown


-Design a mount for the rotor

-Rotating the die

-Hopper for pelletizer

-Attach the rotor to some sort of stand

*Same type of set up seen in the trench digger

We found a faculty advisor!

  • Professor Leipold
  • Joe will meet with her on Thursdays for updates
  • As we get more serious, she’ll be meeting with us for more guidance
  • Evolve Log
  • Wiki
  • Track ALL progress

What's Next?

-We can start developing Solidworks drawings

*We have the drawings but we’ll have to remake the files on Solidworks

-We’ll hopefully be able to move ahead with a rough sketch of what we’re looking to do

-Joseph will meet with Leipold tomorrow and talk about our progress

-Rotor- CNC cut plates with notches so everything fit together nicely

-See wiki for details

-Update page tonight, get a quick sketch up, material selection

*Meeting without Marcin

First Steps:

Goal: Dimension entire contraption based off of roller [1]

  • Find a roller that is compatible
  • Roller:
is approx. 7 inches wheel to wheel[2],
shaft sticks out 1-1/2" on either side[3].
wheels are about 4" in diameter [4]
Total, roller is just under 10"

-The team will meet in the lab at 3:15 PM tomorrow, Thursday, and start to design CAD models