Per Capita Income

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  • It includes every man, woman, and child. [1]
  • Purportedly $64k in the USA [2]. This is highly misleading, as this is skewed significantly towards the upper range, as $64k for every man, woman, and child would mean everyone is living like a king

American Pie Chart

Top 1% in the USA have 43% of the wealth, and bottom 80% have 7% of the wealth in 2010. Source: [3]. Gee, is there something wrong with this picture?


Is Taxation Fair based on Income Bracket?

If we believe the above graph and the graph below [4] -


Then the conclusion is:

Taxation in the USA indeed appears to be quite fair for personal income tax - because the top 1% have about 40% of the wealth, and they pay about 40% of the total income taxes.

Is that a fair assessment?