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Email opensourceecology at gmail dot com if you would like to invest and benefit from this program.

The Permaculture Replicator is a gene bank, equipment, and technique pool to facilitate replication and on-demand creation of integrated edible and permacultural landscapes. The beginning of such a program is the collection of a living gene bank, by all means necessary. In particular, Factor e Farm will host a living gene bank as such, and we would like to protote the creation of a large number of such facilities throughout the world to foster food sovereignty via local food systems.

Problem Statement

The problem statement is to identify and collect this gene pool at Factor e Farm in as expedient a fashion as possible. The first step is to collect and grow out stocks such that they could themselves serve as propagation material.

Open Business Model

The business model for this is open, and it centers around a pool of donors and investors who thereby gain access to the gene bank, as well as to propagation workshops at no cost. The gene bank should scale such that ample stocks would be available to approximately 100 subscribers, who always return as much propagates stock to the pool as will allow for continuity and improvement of the gene bank.

Continuing work at Perennial Agriculture, here we have a collaborative gene bank development worksheet for zone 5 (see Climate Zone Map), Kansas City area location.

Genetic Material #/person Cost Each Cost/Person
Common Fruit Trees $165
Apple 1 20 20
Pear 1 21 21
Peach 1 20 20
Nectarine 1 20 20
Plum 1 20 20
Sour cherry 1 22 22
Apricot 1 20 20
Asian pear 1 22 22
Other Fruit Trees $143
Persimmon 1 25 25
Pawpaw - Mango grafted 1 25 25
Cold temperature kiwi - Meader 1 13 13