Person with the Most Degrees

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Can you imagine yourself with qualification: Medical Doctor (MBBS and MD), Law (LL.B.) with Post-graduation in International Law (LL.M.) and Masters in Business Administration (DBM and MBA) and in Journalism (B.Journ). Masters in ten subjects M.A. (Public Administration ; M.A. (Sociology) ; M.A. (Economics); M.A. (Sanskrit); M.A. (History); M.A.(English Literature); M.A. (Philosophy); M.A. (Political Science) ; M.A. (Ancient Indian History,Culture and Archaeology); M.A (Psychology). D. Litt (Doctor of Literature) in Sanskrit. Selected for IPS, Selected for IAS etc etc.....If there is a will there is away. It is possible.

A person in one life acquired an above-mentioned qualification in his small life. Dr Shrikant Jichkar