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The Pharm2Phork Project is a UK registered non profit organisation established (2001) to develop and distribute Open Source Software solutions for the agricultural production, transportation, storage and processing sectors.

While our initial projects primarily addressed compliance with food tracability (EU 178/2002 and Sunrise 2005) regulations the scope has now widened to include Logistics, Warehousing, Asset Tracking and Production and Supply Chain monitoring.

The latest versions have seen a move to new technologies for data storage and analysis (RDF/OWL/Fact++), RIA (Flex4/HTML 5), real time monitors and dashboards, integrated map and proximity support and a Wave(XMPP) server for embedding group collaboration gadgets in HTML pages. The core services and mobile clients have also been refactored for use on a number of new computing platforms including the iPhone, Google Android handsets and soon, with luck, the new iPad.

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