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That would be great. We are nearing product release, and we will need drawings for our second prototype - we think that will be close to our final version.

We plan on utilizing the Product Release Fund process. We are an open source process in general, so people can view how we made and utilized the machine. People who have donated (suggested donation is $10) get the technical and fabrication drawings for free, as soon as these are produced. They have until Product Release to make a donation - because that's when we need the money the most - as we can earn from our own work after the product itself is released. Those who have not donated - they wait until a Product Release Fund quota is reached. This could be as fast as that quota is reached - but no more than one year. By that time, we will be making upgrades anyway, and the Product Release Fund applies to the last version only.We're hoping that this will be an effective means to address the freeloader dilemma. We are proposing $20k total for the Release Fund, of which all money goes to jumpstart other technology development related to the Global Village Construction Set. We chose $20k as the difference in price between our product cost ($5k) and the cost of the competition ($25k). This is peanuts in general, but it shoudl give rocket fuel to other projects.

Any comments?

With this said, we can indeed start to produce technical drawings for the frame itself - minus hopper or anything else. It will be the same for the next prototype.

What is your schedule for producing these drawings? Can you also do fabrication drawings, which show process such as welds? There is another fellow who volunteered to do technical drawings, but was tied up lately, so I should check back with him after I hear from you.

Marcin On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 11:05 PM, <> wrote:

   Your email ended up in my junk mail system and I just came across it today.
   It prompted me to check your blog for the first time since my last post.  I
   must apologize for the impatience voiced in that post.
   I think I might be able to help you with the detailed engineered drawings
   for your CEB machine.  I work with an engineering firm that specializes in
   the design and building of concrete batch plants.  We have used Solid Works
   3D software for a few years now and have found it ideal for complex
   assemblies such as this.  I would like to offer our services in taking your
   prototype design and creating detailed drawings and a 3D model.
   Phil Tyers