Phoenix Assembly Method

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How to create the most clear and simple manufacturing instructions for GVCS modules and machines

The philosophy behind this method of documentation was created based upon one central burning question:

“How can we create manufacturing instructions that are as easy as humanly possible for anyone to understand; both across language barriers, and for people who do not have any technical expertise?”

This method involves six basic steps:

0. Exploded parts diagrams:

Stock Steel (tubing, plates, pivots, shafts)
Fasteners (bolts)

1. Take a finalized 3-D computer drawing of your module, and disassemble the structure piece by piece.

2. Take pictures of each step along the way.

3. Put the pictures in reverse order.

4. Lay out all of the materials side by side, and add dimensions. Use this as the very first picture.

5. Repeat step 4 with the bolts.

Note: It is beneficial to use different colors for different elements.

The end result is a slideshow of clear pictures that makes it intuitively easy to understand how a structure can be built, without needing any written text for further explanation. Here is an example of how this can be done:

Example: Pivot Module for the Bulldozer (drawings created using SketchUp)
Disclaimer - this method needs to include fasteners (bolts) and hydraulics. The below example does not include fasteners (bolts) and hydraulics.

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Phoenix Assembly Method (V.08.12.13)


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