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Numeracy in terms of physical quantities, such as, the Earth receives about 10k the amount of power from the sun than it uses.

This numeracy is relevant to practical things, such as living the good life.


  • Numeracy across all fields from the hard sciences to humanities and applications to a meaningful life
  • Basic physical constants are based on counting
  • Kardashev Scale counts energy usage - perhaps the most important concept in Regenerative Development
  • Accounting is based on counting, which relates to Cash Flow, Enterprise Strategy, etc
  • First principles thinking is about applying laws of nature to make sense of things
  • Using Calculators can quantify many phonomena
  • Finite Element Analysis is tools that measure forces between subunits. FreeCAD has this capacity.
  • If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.


  • When human accounting to keep track of built parts, use numbers. Names are fine, but they would need to be connected to numbers for proper accounting, such as counting up easily whether everything has been done. Without software or inventory automation, counting (numbersing) is critical.