Regenerative Development

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OSE's definition is that of relocalization, Distributive Economics, regenerative development, and open source.


  • Schumacher Center for New Economics - [1]. Severinne is on there.
  • New Economics Foundation - [2]

Conferences that Use the Word Regenerative

Specific Activities

To be specific, what else do?

  • Plant trees: every hippy and corporate man recognizes this. But the real reasons are profound if one studies ecological history. When trees disappear, deserts are created. (Explain Mesopotamia and Sahara). Rain comes from underground, not above: trees put the moisture into the air at a 100x higher rate rate than evaporation (ref) - and that's how we keep rain and life. So replacing lawns with trees, xeriscaping, adding 20% trees to field crops (which does not decrease field crop productivity). Plant up highway rights of way.
  • Rooftop planting.
  • Pervious pavement.
  • Earth sheltered and underground housing (which is not a hole in the ground)
  • Use renewable energy for everything, from hydrogen to charcoal and biomass distillates.
  • Start with biomass for all organic chemistry
  • Use bioconcrete with zero net carbon emissions
  • Reuse steel b remelt, roll, and cast.
  • Build PV panels from sand using solar energy.
  • Recycle nutrients from humans via biodigesters to produce biogas at the Village Campus.
  • Make habitat for mycelium and regenerate soil food web.
  • Educate people
  • Build open source, appropriate technology.
  • Convert the military to environmental regeneration and industrial productivity on a small scale (true sources of conflict resolution)
  • Build Village Campuses to unleash productivity in trouble spots
  • Build public Land Banks - zones of regenerative development based on open source machines, renewable energy, and afforestation for tree crops and Miracle Orchards. A Public Works mechanism that replaces the welfare system.
  • Build solar hydrogen infrastructures
  • Smelt solar grade silicon and electronics grade silicon.
  • Transition to oil-less modern steam engines and saturated water storage
  • Build windmills.
  • Prioritize swarm breeding of polycukture-adapted species as opposed to genetic engineering of point solutions
  • Work on personal development